Inventory of Hazardous Materials Management

What, Why and How to IHM

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1. What is an Inventory of Hazardous Materials 

Inventory of Hazardous Material is a mandatory document for EU Ship Recycling Regulation. The IHM identifies all potentially hazardous materials onboard. These Hazardous Materials are distinguished, located ,and quantified, following IMO guidelines.

The EU Ship Recycling Regulation enters into force to reinforce Hong Kong Convention, which was adopted in 2009, so that Inventory of Hazardous Material substitute the Green Passport.

2. Why do you need an Inventory of Hazardous Materials

EU/EEA flagged new* ships shall have a verified Inventory of Hazardous Materials with a statement of compliance (SoC) since 31 December 2018.

EU/EEA flagged ships going for recycling shall have a verified (IHM) with a statement of compliance (SoC) since 31 December 2018 and shall be sent to one of the Ship Recycling Facilities (SRFs) in the EU List.

All EU/EEA flagged ships and third part ships visiting EU/EEA ports and anchorages should have a verified Inventory of Hazardous Materials  with a statement of compliance (SoC) from 31 December 2020.

3. What do we offer for your hazardous materials shipping paper.

PSA Marine Bureau consist of well-educated, well-trained Naval Architects & Mechanical Engineers, certified as Approved Hazmat Experts by RINA, ready 24/7 to supply IHM services, concerning proper submission of IHM Part I & assistance in a consulting way.

Our company is a service supplier, approved by BV & KR and authorized by the Administrations of LIBERIA for  hazardous materials shipping paper preparation, in accordance with the guidelines of MEPC.269(68), the EU SRR regulation 1257/2013 on ship recycling and EMSA Guidelines.

Part 1

IHM, Part 1 consist of:

  • Collecting the necessary information and documentation
  • Analyzing and defining the assessment scope
  • Preparing Visual Sampling Check Plans
  • Conducting on-board sampling
  • Preparing & Submission of IHM part I
  • IHM Maintenance, supported by Software Tools

 However, as Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) is a “dynamic” document, any change onboard must be identified and assessed. That’s why maintaining and updating of Hazardous Materials shipping paper IHM requires constant monitoring and active supervision.  

4. Maintenance of Hazardous Materials shipping paper

After the completion of IHM Part 1,
what’s next?

It is highly important that the Inventory of Hazardous Materials management is secured and maintained throughout the operational life of the ship in order to remain a credible document when the decision of recycling is taken.
In this respect, a lifetime quality management system should be established. Specific provisions, ensuring an updated IHM, will safeguard the quality and continuity of the IHM when building, buying or selling a ship, changing ship’s registry and finally recycling the ship.

PSA Marine Bureau can assure the update and maintenance of the Hazardous Materials shipping paper (IHM Part I), complying with current and upcoming legislation and advising 24/7 all the involved part for the best result.

What will we do:

PSA Marine Bureau will:


• Designate a team responsible for maintaining and updating the Inventory of all your fleet.
• Discuss, establish and supervise a system to ensure the harmonic co-operation of all involved parts.
• Introduce an IHM maintenance software, based on the demands of our Clients, created by our experienced HazMat Experts.

IHM maintenace software

IHM Maintenance Software:

  •  24/7 updated IHM
  • Large database of Material Declarations (MDs) & Suppliers Declaration of Conformity (SDoC)
  • Information, regarding Suppliers & Makers, worldwide.
  • Ability to view the IHM for every ship of the fleet by Ship-owners.
  • Ability to notify & remind any demand for update, due to a planned dry-dock or retrofitting.
  • Capability to adjust any other amendment to the Software, on demand.
  • The Administrators of the software are highly qualified HazMat Experts, able to support and advise Ship-owners at any time.

PSA Marine offers quality and reliability in competitive pricing. For a suitable quotation contact our technical department.

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